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Welcome to our business-centric Slide And Platform, the ideal solution for establishments and advertisers looking to enhance customer experience.

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How it Works

  • slide

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    Simply slide your unlocked phone onto a physical Tap N Slide Campaign

  • connect

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    Instantly connect your customers, inside the stores, to whatever content you want!

  • interact

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    Without download any app or sign up. Customers can then share it with family or friends, to win a small reward, amplifying your reach.

Portable phone charging stations.

with strategic digital ads placed in your venue, ensuring your patrons stay connected withthe best advertisers and satisfied while charging their phones.

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Slide Ad Platform features

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    Data analytics and targeted marketing.

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    Differentiation and attractiveness.

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    Increased dwell time and customer loyalty.

Our Slide Ad Platform focuses to connect and engage advertisers with the ideal audience.

Charger N Slide disrupts the traditional phone charging experience, offering a win-win solution for consumers, businesses, and advertisers.

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Slide Ad Platform physical items

Portable Charge N Slide

Charger N Slider disrupts the traditional phone charging experience, offering a win-win...

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Poster N Slide

Catch the attention everywhere, much more easily than a conventional poster by making it interactive.

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Sticker N Slide

Our stickers or printed decals are versatile and they are commonly used on vehicles, storefront windows, freezers inside the store, etc.

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Slide OriGatags

With the same power of Poster N Slide and the Sticker N Slide, but you can use it with your creativity..

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