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Tap N Slide Campaigns Why are you using QR codes? With the Tap N Slide campaigns, businesses instantly connect with customers in a direct channel, with free distraction of the internet.
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How it Works

  • slide

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    Simply slide your unlocked phone onto a physical Tap N Slide Campaign

  • connect

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    Instantly connect your customers, inside the stores, to whatever content you want!

  • interact

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    Without download any app or sign up. Customers can then share it with family or friends, to win a small reward, amplifying your reach.

Our Platform Features

We work with your marketing team

to create a winning strategy with our platform's features.

  • share + Rewards

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    To boost word of mouth

  • updating

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    Digital content often to keep customers sliding

  • analytics

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    To verify results!

Don't have a marketing team?

No worries! We can take care of everything for you, even content creation.


Tap N Slide physical products

Engage your audience both in-store and beyond using our Tap N Slide products, which effortlessly capture customer attention, surpassing the impact of traditional posters or other physical items

Shelf N Slide

With our Shelf N Slide, you can maximize your impact within even the smallest of spaces and the intense competition, seamlessly delivering a wealth of digital content to engage customers right in the heart of your store.

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Poster N Slide

With our Poster N Slide, you have the power to effortless share and update through the Slide Ad platform, an endless array of digital content with your customers in high foot-traffic areas, all without the need to replace printed posters.

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Slide N Sticker

The same power of Shelf N Slider and Poster N Slider, but in a sticker version to use with freezer products, or in glass inside and outside the stores.

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With OriGatags you can use your creativity to put them in any physical item to stay connected with your customers outside the stores

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