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Personalized video

Video marketing is a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and engagement on social media.

With just a few clicks, you can share this information with your network, to upgrade your coupon!

Tell your story

Share more digital information about your product such as promotions, special deals, recipes, etc.

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With this power of sharing users can share information, ideas, and opinions with their networks, potentially reaching thousands or even millions of people.

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About Us

Through our platform and the Tap N Tech Interactive Marketing Campaign, we help businesses to connect with customers, in a fun way, with a simple tap of a phone! Changing the information digitally, we replace the one-use printed flyers, helping the environment by reducing at least 80% of the throwaway printed flyers at stores and mailboxes!

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Pay for results!

For all brick-and-mortar businesses that are using printed flyers to connect with customers.

For all brick-and-mortar stores that want to use window displays as a powerful sales channel.

For Marketers and all businesses that use digital newsletters or email lists, to connect with customers.

Tap products directly into the hands of individuals!

Why Choose Us

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Measurable analytics for your campaign. No need to download any apps.

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Sustainable, replacing the printed flyers, helping the environment.

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Engaging: interact with customers through personalized videos and powerful word-of-mouth sharing.

Comillas Negras

We want to help businesses to grab the attention of customers in a fun way and help the environment, by reducing the printed flyers through the Tap N Tech Interactive marketing campaign

Ori.Gatou team

From Our Clients

"What a simple, yet elegant solution for marketing! Running a small-medium size retail store, we're always looking for functional ways to reach our customers. Ori.Gatou's product makes it extremely easy for customers walking by on the street, or entering our store to just tap their phone, and our shop specials immediately show up. Extremely powerful product, and amazing service from their team. Definitely recommend this product.”

Jerome Konaty, Owner of Funky Threadz

“We are using Tap N’ Tech technology, which works with phone proximity to our Ori.Gatou Tags, to keep visitors and customers well informed.”

Jayme Adissi, CEO of the Group Primavera - Brazil

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